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Fallout 4 - Sole Survivor

Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-08-10


Art-trade Watercolor, liners, white gouache, color pencils + some edits in PS


  • Justinnator4 12 Aug 2016

    The outfit detail is great. The background certainly fits fallout. There isn't anything I'd change.

    Irrisor Immortalis 12 Aug 2016

    Thank you)

  • Hill's Beverly Creative 1 Jan 2017

    The background in this one tells a story. Looks like a giant standing back there with smoke coming out of his chest. Is that a battleship and a blimp back there too ? Is Fallout 4 a story you are working on ? I like like like !

  • Anonymous 10 Aug 2016

    very nice

    Irrisor Immortalis 10 Aug 2016


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