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By kos1604
Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-04-15


oil painting


  • Crystal Jones 16 Apr 2016

    Very good work ! ^^

  • Khobe 17 Apr 2016

    I just discovered your works and corner, let me salute your mastery so reminiscent of the classical themes and tradition, Faust is such a story to ponder in our sorcerer's apprentice (al)chemically abused times.

  • lara 16 Apr 2016

    Very nice

  • SarahMcK 16 Apr 2016

    5 stars!! Amazing painting

  • Anonymous 16 Apr 2016

    Everything in this piece has perfect detail. The subject of implied alchemy with little green glowing things is also very interesting.

  • Anonymous 15 Apr 2016

    This painting is fabulous I wish I could use oil paints :D

  • Anonymous 15 Apr 2016

    Holy moly this is amazing! Love the depth and contrast!

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