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Rooster Cogburn

By Strovey
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-12-18


I absolutely enjoyed and admired the Coen brother's remake of 'True Grit' and felt I had to paint something connected with it. Jeff Bridges performances as Rooster Cogburn was pitch-perfect and so like the book character I had to try and capture it. I used a still from the film as my reference. I even posted it on his Twitter feed but he never made a comment :-(


  • Khobe 16 Jan 2016

    I like this, what was the medium used?

    Strovey 10 Apr 2016

    Sorry Khobe, I don't visit her often and read the comments [too busy], All of my paintings submitted here are acrylic paint on acrylic painting paper, I've just started using A2 size recently ['Tom' is my first published on here], I do wish I could get better photos of my work because although I know I am not brilliant most of the photos look worse than the actual finished work! With regard to this painting the co-star of this brilliant film, Hailee Steinfeld, 'liked' this on Twitter - my claim to fame! Regards David

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