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Challenge: zentaurius VS mikeqmontalvo


  • Don Art 19 Oct 2015

    Very nice!

  • Justinnator4 3 Jan 2016

    I kind of wish I had entered your Jack challenge if only to prevent it from being met with a portrait completely unrelated to the challenge's theme.

  • Drachul 18 Oct 2015

    I like it. But maybe you can add some shading to make it even better. It seems like you really focused on the decorative flourishes, which are beautiful, but Jack kinda lost detail because of this. Otherwise beautiful.

  • CynthiaCasto 20 Oct 2015

    One of the best movies! great job

  • EmotionalArtist 19 Oct 2015

    Very well done and very cute! This is from my favorite movie so it's hard not to like haha! <3

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