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Best I ever had

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-12


Critique! critique please! XD ssh excuses to my grandpa and dad for posting this :-l


  • Eddieblz 14 Aug 2015

    Friend of yours!!!!! ;)

  • Clarvius 17 Aug 2015

    nice work :)

  • Merlina 14 Sep 2015

    Very niceeee... :D

  • SML 15 Aug 2015

    i'm dying these abs attract so much attention..and i love it ; w ; awesome work, great shades and pose!

  • KG 28 Oct 2015

    Nice abs. Good anatomy.

  • czmanga 12 Aug 2015

    It´s a fantastic work with the shading details and the strips ! but the line of the right outline size could be improve it with the same tool ! humble opinion ......... :) Awesome proportion !

  • Mutantenfisch 24 Aug 2015

    Now this is not bad. ^^

  • Doodle-For-Adventure 12 Aug 2015

    Really amazing detail

  • Nathan 12 Aug 2015

    This is very good, the shading and the look of texture in the jeans is brilliant and the anatomy is spot on! If you want a critique, all I can say is that dark line between the torso and the left arm is very bold and contrasts(a little too much) with the nice soft shading throughout the rest of the torso. It is very hard to critique because you have done a brilliant job, very well done!

  • CloudZenith 6 Oct 2015

    Great work in the shadows

  • didier1961 27 Jan 2018

    well done.......... :---)

    Redtreatjas Sep 15

    Thank you ^^

  • LeaGarland 13 Mar 2016

    wonderful work! I like the extreme black and white and the details of the trousers. And it's a nice body part to draw as well *hehe*

  • Anonymous 5 Oct 2015

    Nice use of anatomy and shading

  • Graphiteartist 28 Aug 2015

    Nicely drawn. The contouring on the torso is well done. The style is almost like that of a graphic novel.

  • Spideecartoon 12 Aug 2015

    Great art

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