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Mon Dragon

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-20


what can i say? i <3 dragons. :)


  • Eddieblz 20 Jul 2015

    I'm not sure about that...............

  • Eddieblz 20 Jul 2015

    Now this Granddaughter. It is way cool!!!!

  • Clarvius 23 Jul 2015

    nice work :)

  • Kana Go 17 Sep 2015

    Looks great!

  • Jan Spicka 26 Jul 2015

    nice work

  • TWINS2 17 Jul 2016

    Awesome Dragon! Also great details and that it is only black / white..:) *-* 5stars!

  • Athena Darkblood 3 Oct 2015

    This is really awesome!

  • FerryQueen 14 Dec 2015

    Nice work!

  • BERLIAN 20 Jul 2015

    This is really catch my eyes. So artistic

  • Veeroniquee 10 Jan 2016

    Just a bit blurred (maybe just a photo quality) but still awesome! :)

  • Graphiteartist 18 Dec 2015

    An excellent, eye-catching piece of graphic art. Did you design this yourself? Yes it would be nice to have a chat at some point and discuss ideas. There is certainly a maturity to your themes, use of colour and subject matter that have caught my eye. It will be very interesting to see how your work evolves over time as different experiences and observations of the world around you are converted into creative pieces of art.

  • jolabrodnica 1 Aug 2015

    Good job!

  • Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 21 Jul 2015

    c'est un beau tatouage ça

  • osmanthusette 20 Jul 2015

    Wow! Love this Chinese style dragon!

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