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White and Black

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-13


Simple Mandala Design, hope you like it <3


  • blvckink 23 Aug 2015

    very lovely design :D

  • Jan Spicka 12 Aug 2015

    nice one

  • Jahc Hecoviz 14 Jul 2015

    Very good details :)!!

  • Jandraws 14 Jul 2015

    Maybe try doing something really big like 100x70 cm with finelinear. It's going to be long but very rewarding. You may try doing some perspective ornaments - on sphere instead of circle.

  • Jandraws 13 Jul 2015

    Precisely done, yet quite boring if not usable. The subject is not interesting for me for drawing. More like textile pattern. No offence. Maybe try more complicated designs?

  • Roksana 14 Jul 2015

    Really nice, i love the dotted shading from some of the petals, it creates a nice effect

  • mistyeye2015 14 Aug 2015

    Really nice work once again, you have far more patience than me and your work is always so detailed, even the simple designs.

  • Manakeksi 13 Jul 2015

    This glowing in the center is so cool! Very nice work!

  • traveller73 13 Jul 2015

    Always did love symmetry

  • Hatshj 13 Jul 2015

    I like it

  • trevorp 13 Jul 2015

    Lovely design work :-)

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