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By kos1604
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-06-11




  • Khobe 17 Apr 2016

    I've seen some strange sphynxes through my many mythological astral wanderings but nothing like yours. Nothing less than spectacular!

  • Mariaceleste Arena 24 Jun 2015


  • Giorgia Haran 12 Jun 2015

    This is truly amazing...!

  • de Flora et Fauna 12 Jun 2015

    This is amazing. It reminds me of J├Ârmungandr, weather the world snake had any influence in your work... I love the change from fish to mammal. Your detail is wonderful!

  • BjorntheShadow 11 Jun 2015

    It feels very mythical and it reminds me of a manticore. At first I thought it had a fish, but then I realized it was its own tail. Double thumbs up.

  • Anonymous 11 Jun 2015

    wow! Amazing!

  • Anonymous 11 Jun 2015

    This looks awesome!!=)

  • Merlina 11 Jun 2015

    Great work!!!!

  • Puk 11 Jun 2015

    This is beautiful! The composition is really nice and the colors are great!

  • Nerdy Crafter 11 Jun 2015

    I think that this looks amazing! ^_^ Awesome job painting this masterpeice! ^O^

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