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Swiss Landscape

Type: photo Uploaded: 2015-01-06


A Swiss Landscape with a Color Splash-effect It's a little bit blurry in the lower right corner :/ But I hope that you still like the picture :) Wish u a nice evening :')


  • Tomas 13 Jul 2015

    OMG place looks amazing! Would love to live in place lake that!

  • Hill's Beverly Creative 25 Feb 2017

    I would n.ever have guessed that this is Switzerland. So it is a black and white that has been enhanced ? I was in Switzerland and it was greener than this ! I like the composition of this piece. The lake pulls my eye in across it's surface to the far shore. Keep it up !

  • trevorp 5 Aug 2016

    Absolutely stunning photography

  • guscarlet 8 Dec 2015

    This is a beautiful place everyone want to visit!!!!

  • Robespierre2014 11 Jan 2015

    I love the colors and the lines in this image. Great work.

  • Iquit16 8 Jan 2015

    so beautiful! :)

  • Jacorien.T 6 Jan 2015

    so beautiful! its like a fantasy landscape!

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