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By Howard
Type: painting Uploaded: 2014-12-19


13"x10" 32cmx25cm


  • The Answer 20 Dec 2014

    Its good bro but it needs shadow, look at my paintings to see what I'm talking about, you need realistic shadows otherwise it looks unrealistic.

  • guidodeo 19 Dec 2014

    Your approach is good and you are doing it well. If I may, I would suggest to define the light streams a bit more by putting two pieces of carton or paper together, leaving just a tight space (about 1 or 2 mm) left and spray into this space from a certain distance and waiting a bit to let paint dry. Then your light stream will be much thinner and you will get a better lighting effect. Keep doing well and congrats for your work. I invite you to see my work, as there a some examples of what I mean :), although mines are not perfect too :)

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